Themes & Symposia

Process Chemistry

Kathy Janzen, ACPA
Ken Schmidt, Wilson Analytical
Fiona Hess, Ineos
Chris Swyngedouw, Exova

This symposium will focus on the fundamental and technological challenges and research frontiers of industrial chemistry. Special attention will be given to the oil and gas industries including upstream (exploration, production and mining), midstream (transportation) and downstream (upgrading and refining) operations. The chemistry used to manage all of these processes and the characterization of refined products will also be featured. The symposium will bring together practitioners from industry, provincial and federal organizations, commercial laboratories and researchers from academia to share and discuss the latest developments in industrial chemistry.

Environmental Chemistry

Jason Brisbois, University of Alberta Water Initiative
Julius Pretorius, Alberta Innovates
Phil Heaton, Maxxam Anayltical
Chris Le, University of Alberta

Environmental chemistry plays a major role in the assessment of the success of any industrial process. Regulatory agencies often need environmental chemistry and analytical data to issue permits and to allow companies to operate in a safe manner. As an example, the characterization and quantification of effluents are required for health assessments. This symposium will focus on the environmental issues related to the major industries in Alberta and in the rest of Canada. Focus will be given to the contamination of soil and water in addition to risk management of pollutants from oil and gas operations, but other operational areas will also be considered.